Sermon Series



May 2018

Podcast: Invest + Invite


Invest & Invite.  Sharing our faith with others is not like a sales call that is high pressure or interrupts ones life. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. What if we started seeing the unscripted interaction with others less like an interruption and more like an opportunity to invest into them? Many people are one invitation away from real life-change. You and I are that invitation.

Podcast: Tiaras + Tears

Tiaras & Tears. From a young age, girls start to dream about their lives as they play dress-up and pretend to be princesses with tiaras. We all dream about our future, but the reality is we run into a variety of unscripted moments. Some good but some can leave us trading in a tiara for tears. Let’s learn how we can find purpose in the unexpected turns of our life’s story.

Podcast: The Problem of Evil + Suffering

The Problem of Evil + Suffering. Here’s the question millions of people have asked: God is good and if God is all-powerful, why is there suffering? Every world religion and worldview (including atheism and agnosticism) has to answer that question. Christianity has an unbelievably different kind of answer that almost everyone misses.

April 2018

Podcast: The Problem of Hell

The Problem of Hell. The subject of hell is not an easy conversation to engage in. While we innately know justice is needed in life, we do not like the idea of eternal damnation. But just because we don’t like something, doesn’t prove it false.

The Problem of Sex

The Problem of Sex.  One of the reasons people don’t like Christianity is because of what the scripture teaches about sex. So what is the deal with sex? Why does God seem so uptight about it? Or are we just getting it wrong?

The Problem of Hypocrisy

The Problem of Hypocrisy. From the Christian down the road who never practices what he preaches to the Crusades, what is the deal with Christians who look nothing like Jesus? People have left church in mass number because of the problem o

The Problem of the Bible

The Problem of the Bible. In our Post-modern society, “because the Bible says…” is hardly an acceptable response to life’s questions. But can we trust the Bible? Isn’t it just a bunch of old stories? Why follow teachings that se