September 2018

Podcast: Faith Acts

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Podcast: Faith Believes

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August 2018

Bring It

Podcast: CAB Ride

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July 2018

Podcast: Keys

Keys. So many people live without passion in life. Like a locked door, it be unlocked with the right key. Kindness and Generosity are the keys to unlock a life of passion. How can we move from selfish pursuits to satisfying purpose? I believe we will come alive when kindness is our demeanor and generosity is our endeavor.

Podcast: Mapping the Route

Mapping The Route. Mapping your route on a road trip is important. Rarely can you arrive somewhere you want to go on accident. Same thing is true in our lives. If we want to end at a destination, we need to purposefully map out the route. And if we want our lives to align with God’s will for our life, we need to read His Word.


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