Sermon Series



July 2018

Podcast: Mapping the Route

Mapping The Route. Mapping your route on a road trip is important. Rarely can you arrive somewhere you want to go on accident. Same thing is true in our lives. If we want to end at a destination, we need to purposefully map out the route. And if we want our lives to align with God’s will for our life, we need to read His Word.

Podcast: I Like The Way You Work It

I Like the Way You Work It. The big idea today is “when you work what you got, what you got, works.” God has placed ability in each of our hands and how we handle them matters, both now and in the future. Let’s examine what Proverbs says about how to work in a God-honoring way.

Podcast: The Wisdom of The Father

Pastor Matthew shares about the Wisdom of God at New Hope Worship Center in Concord, North Carolina.

June 2018


Proximity. Distance can determine relationship. God wants to be close to us. Because we are part of this world, we are learning to let God remove obstacles from being in close proximity. If you are looking for a more dynamic relationship with God, the firsts step starts with Trust.

Podcast: Just Add Water

Just Add Water. Happy Father’s Day. Every dad wants to win at life. According to Proverbs, one of the ways we win is by using our words wisely. Our words help water the seeds of life around us. So, if the lawn of your life isn’t as green as you want, just add water!

Podcast: Start Here

“Start Here.” We all need a starting point. Sometimes life feels like one big mess and untangling it seems impossible. God gives a clear point at which to begin living a skillful life – we start with Him.

May 2018

Podcast: Kevin Flanner, Unscripted part 3